Einfluss von "Obamacare". Ist es wirklich Obamas größtes Vermächtnis? Source: http://www.zeit.de/wirtschaft/2016-09/gesundheitsreform-usa-obamacare-barack-obama

Oil System Model

The "Oil System Model" tries to show the significant influences on the price of oil and their implications. Originally created by Gene Bellinger Feel free to join in on the modeling by clicking the collaborative link. Source  - -http://www.systemswiki.org/index.php?title=Oil_System_Model

Afghanistan Stability / COIN Dynamics

Here you have a model showing a snapshot of U.S. military's plan for "Afghanistan Stability / COIN Dynamics" Source  - http://sdwise.com/2013/07/hey-new-york-times-a-causal-loop-diagram-is-not-a-powerpoint-fail/#/ -http://www.usma.edu/cnrcd/siteassets/sitepages/cultural%20training%20information/afghanistan_dynamic...

Global Risks Interconnections Map 2016

I tried my best to start a collaborative model of the "Global Risks Interconections Map 2016" from the World Economic Forum.  Feel free to join the modeling by clicking the collaborative link. Source: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2016/01/what-are-the-top-global-risks-for-2016